Suicide Forest Album Reviews:

“Rotterdam, New York-based Deveria was formed in 2008 by former Kid Bludo, Kyrie Ellison vocalist Chuck ‘Sirr Charles’ Woodard. The formation at that time was already dissolved after just two years, they released a self-titled 6 song EP which has been promoted during several gigs around Upstate clubs. FYI: Deveria shared the stage with greats like Flotsam and Jetsam, Vicious Rumors, Sonata Arctica, The Iron Maidens, Michael Angelo Batio, David Ellefson and many more.

After a long period of many years, it was announced that mastermind Chuck had taken up the thread again, 2018 became the year when Deveria began a second term. Surrounded by talented musicians, they worked fingers to the bone on new songs, a first single ‘Suicide Forest’ appeared on the last day of October 2020. A foreboding for what was to come in my opinion, with much appreciation for US Metal I present their latest full-length album, “Suicide Forest” came out on March 17, 2021 and is filled with 11 songs. Maybe you have never heard of these guys but if you are a fan of American styled Power Metal from the 80’s substantially, please don’t hesitate to take a closer look at the band’s newest effort.

I listen to all of the tracks with great attention and it became immediately clear that Deveria is a band that brings to light a style that I admire a lot, US Metal ! A mixture of Classic Heavy, Power, Thrash and a bit of Progressive Metal elements culminate in pleasant songs I really adore. Deveria doesn’t care about the myriad contemporary Metal movement and does its own thing, publicizing good old metal sounds ! Surrounded by new musicians, C. Woodard delivers a killer performance with his latest album, it seems clear to me that he was able to recruit the right people to put them in the floodlights.

The well-balanced/multifaceted, read typical US Metal vocals claim my supreme attention, as well as the headbanging riffs and finger scorching solos come across in a very pleasant way. The fist clenched bass lines and roaring, yet technical drum partitions are often overlooked by some people, well I can guarantee you that in the camp of Deveria the purveyors of these actions deserve your attention more than once.

“Suicide Forest” personally gives me an endearing sense of the ever-loved Underground US Metal movement, something that came over me in the early 1980s. For some, this gem is long gone but I give a damn about what others claim… it doesn’t interest me, it leaves me completely cold and continue to defend wholeheartedly that US Metal is the best thing that ever happened to me. I keep looking forward to bands like Deveria, bands that are able to make my heart bloom at the grace of US Metal !

Deveria’s new effort “Suicide Forest” sounds thoughtful, dark with mesmerizing melodies, varied rhythm paces and efficacy… simply highly recommend for fans of US Metal soldiers in the vein of Queensryche, Open Burn, Onward, Metal Church, Crescent Shield, Wülfhook and likeminded souls. ”

My rating: 87/100 (Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)

Stefan, Metal To Infinity Webzine

Charles Woodard is back with a new band.  Started back in 2008 then disbanded two years later. The band restarted in 2018 with a ten years in hiatus, to finally get a strong line up to get this album a meaning and a presence in the Metal scene. After three years of hard work it is finally done.

When a project is not stable, better leaving it on a shelve and wait the right time. Deveria has now found its time to live fully. While many have seen the band live, the line up being new. This album has probably taken a different turn into the creations. We can say it has many influences taken from diverse Metal styles. 

Deveria reminds the early mid eighties Thrash Metal era , lots of Heavy Metal riffs , few progressive bits here and there. Actual medias and fans may give them a special style of simply call them Metal. Real Metal Heads will hear those influences that created what is Heavy Metal and Thrash mixed up into a powerful message.

Catchy riffs, deep down lyrics to dig the music totally and get the message sent by the band. Some songs may be heavier than others, the eleven tracks album has a chain that links each songs to the whole. A way back to the roots of Metal kicking out the vibes of modern  music.

Influences ranging from Agent Steel, Metal Church, Lethal, Saxon, Queensryche, Candelmass, Metallica…A mix of plenty of good vibes reminding great bands. Deveria is combining every one we loved in one band. This is the strengh of a band, getting you to like them because they have that touch other bands had.

It’s with pleasure that band will get a love from many people around the globe. A punchy logo, strong message and great cover. Time for rediscovering music through this album.

Dive in and mosh, get that album now 98/100.

The Metal Mag

Northwest of Mount Fuji, there is a sprawling forest known as Aokigahara, which has foliage so thick that it’s often referred to as the Sea of Trees. However, Aokigahara has recently become more widely known as a result of its morbid history. As one of the most popular suicide destinations in the world, estimates claim as many as 100 people per year have successfully killed themselves there.

Aside from the billboards urging visitors to “Think carefully about your children, your family,” and the undiscovered bodies, Aokigahara is largely desolate. One visitor described the silence as “chasms of emptiness.” She added, “I cannot emphasize enough the absence of sound. My breath sounded like a roar.”

On the other hand, Deveria’s newest release, Suicide Forest, is anything but empty. Over the course of quarantine, Charles Woodard’s “day job” as a cardiac nurse for St. Peter’s Hospital and Albany Associates in Cardiology grew more stressful each day. With Deveria, Woodad was able to channel that anxiety into a childhood ambition of his to record a full album. As such, every second of this hell-for-leather progressive thrash record is packed with head-banging riffs, ambitious sweep-picking, and breakdowns as epic as Aokigahara itself.

The album opens with roaring thunder and muted blast beats, teasing the listener before Deveria launches full force into the second and ironically titled track “Silent Cries.” Full of head-banging riffs and deliciously indulgent solos, this track lets everyone know that Deveria are back and they mean business.

Throughout the record, Woodard shifts between guttural death growls and nearly operatic soaring vocals ripped straight from 80s glam rock. It’s often hard to tell whether the band is paying tribute to Slayer or Bowie, and all we know is that it rips.

Where the first half of this record relishes in its own chaos and immediacy, tracks like “Reign of Fire” and “Miracles” find their urgency in the space between the lines. Woodard’s social commentary and vocal range paint a picture of a world that has gone horribly askew. In these moments, it is hard to not be reminded of the hardships we’ve endured this past year. Yet, Deveria never lets us sit with these thoughts, but rather rips them out of our hands by immediately following them with electrifying breakdowns and mind-melting solos.

In the last minute of “Miracles”, the instrumentation fades into the background as Woodard’s layered vocals take the spotlight. “And I will survive,” Woodard sings, “and I’m free.” While much of this album is a cathartic exercise in reminiscing about what we’ve lost, at its climax this music is about what can’t ever be taken from us.

Zach Troyanovsky,

Das Dasein als Metalhead ist manchmal ja ein arg kompliziertes. Einerseits diktiert der logische Verstand mir, das ich nicht alles kennen kann und andererseits schämt sich der Elitist in mir dafür, das ich eben nicht jede Band aus jedem Winkel der Welt, bislang zu Ohren bekam. So anstrengend das auch ist, befeuert es meinen Ehrgeiz irgendwann zum Heavy Metal Guru heran zu reifen. Aber Mal zum Kern zurück: ich hatte bis vor einigen Tagen keinen blassen Dunst wer Deveria aus New York denn sind und nun sitze ich hier. Deveria sind Sound–technisch eher im klassischen Heavy Metal verwurzelt, teils typisch US Metal und doch deutlich beeinflusst von den großen Gewinnern der New Wave of British Heavy Metal, wie Iron Maiden. Aber auch von US-amerikanische Urgesteinen wie DIO, Metal Church und Metallica. Das Ganze ist von vorne bis hinten sehr melodisch und gefällig. Wurde ja auch Zeit, das die Guten mit ihrem Debütwerk aus der Hüfte kommen. Schließlich wurde die Band schon 2008 gegründet. Wer die genannten Vorbilder mag und seinen Metal eher nicht allzu brutal genießt, der sollte hier schleunigst reinhören und den Jungs eine Chance geben.

Note: 7 von 10 Punkten

— Dennis Eikenkötter,